The ECLW is led by an experienced team of leaders who present talks on all aspects of the Cursillo Ministry. This workshop is a tool to provide the Cursillo Ministries in the Episcopal Church a common understanding of the ministry as the founders intended.

The Episcopal Cursillo Leaders Workshop is not for everyone who has attended a Cursillo Weekend, but rather for leaders in the ministry who consider the Cursillo Ministry their primary apostolic ministry. It is important that selected individuals not only attend the workshop, but be willing to return to their community and share the information they have received in a positive and productive manner and encourage other leaders to attend an ECLW.

The purpose of the ECLW is four-fold:

  1. To deepen the commitment to Christ and the living of a life in Christ among the Cursillo leaders in the country.
  2. To clarify the purpose and method of the Cursillo Ministry, especially the Post-Cursillo and the development of a team of leaders.
  3. To give leaders in the ministry a clear understanding of their roles and the methods they have at their disposal to make the Cursillo an effective instrument in the work of the Church and the restoration of all things in Christ.
  4. To help the leadership of Diocesan Cursillo Ministries deal with problems they may have and assist them in finding ways to make their respective ministries more effective.
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