The Servant Community

This group of current or potential Cursillo leaders meets quarterly under the auspices of the Diocesan Secretariat. It not intended to be either an "elite clique" or a group of "Cursillo martyrs." Its members are willing to make Cursillo their primary apostolate for at least a pre-specified period of time. Any Cursillista may attend and participate.

Who is the Servant Community?

This group includes members of the Secretariat, but doesn't supplant the Secretariat. The Servant Community is the "heart and hands of the local movement," and the Secretariat functions as the "head of the local movement." The Servant Community "brainstorms ideas" but it is the Secretariat's responsibility and authority to make all decisions regarding the local movement.

The "servant" responsibility of this community is to carry out the actions and implement the policies as directed by the Secretariat. The "community" side of this group allows those tasked with running the operations of the local Cursillo Movement to meet and work together as a body once very quarter just before a Secretariat meeting. It is also serves as a training place for possible future Secretariat members

A Typical Agenda

On a Saturday morning, from 9 till noon:

The Secretariat normally meets in the afternoon following the Servant Community meeting (to act on Servant Community recommendations. Non-Secretariat members are not required to attend this meeting).