The Ultreya - A Gathering Together

The Primitive Ultreya is the simplest, most basic Ultreya as the founders envisioned it. It normally lasts one hour. It opens with prayer by the Ultreya Rector/a, followed by a Floating Group Reunion (30 Min), a Witness Speaker (less than 10 Min), one or two Echo Speakers (less than 5 Min each), and a summary by the Spiritual Advisor relating the talks to the Gospel (less than 10 Min). Singing is often done as people gather.

The Group Reunion

The purpose of Floating Group Reunion is to provide contacts for those looking for a permanent group reunion and to give others an insight into the Fourth Day walk of those outside their own groups. The Spiritual Advisor for the evening is available for counsel during the group reunion time.

The leader asks those present to number off to create groups of from three to five people. These "Floating Group Reunions" are instructed to meet together, then share their moment closest to Christ, piety, study and action, using the service card. The emphasis of this "floating reunion" should be on apostolic action.

The Speakers

The Witness Talk

The witness talk relates a personal experience that is an example of apostolic action. A "witness" tells what I am doing for Christ. It is different from a "testimony." A testimony tells what Christ has done for me.

The Echo Talk

The "echo" speaker(s) either "confirm" or "affirm" the witness. Confirmation is another example of the witness speaker's experience. Affirmation is a statement of how the echo speaker plans to apply the lesson of the witness to his or her own life situation.

The Response from Scripture

The Spiritual Advisor for the evening relates the content of the witness and echo talks to the Gospel. The Spiritual Advisor's remarks challenge and encourage the listeners to continue in their Fourth Day as evangelists for Christ.

The Close of the Evening

The Rector/a asks for any other brief announcements and the evening is closed with prayer. This prayer time may include free intercessions from the people present. The Rector/a or Spiritual Advisor may then give a final prayer. The Spiritual Advisor may dismiss the people with a blessing. All of this should take no more than an hour.

Any associated potluck or Eucharist should be clearly separated from the Ultreya so that those who do not wish to attend all of the events, scheduled for the evening, do not feel that they are doing anything improper if they attend "only" the Ultreya.